Dina Vitantonio

Dina Vitantonio of Mind Body Healings is an Energy Therapist and Intuitive Healer. Also a certified Reiki Master, Lymphatic Drain Massage Therapist and Yoga teacher (Eastern Indian & Asia forms) and Aromatherapy and Crystal Practitioner. As an Energy Therapist, 

Dina intuits blockages in the energy fields of the body and utilizes different Alternative Healing modalities, including: Ancient Esoteric Techniques, Tao Healing, Chakra Balancing (Vedic and Universal Systems) and Lymphatic Drain Massage to open blockages and restore balance. Dina also uses Aromatherapy and Crystals in her work. In a one on one session, 

Dina strives to bring forward issues residing in any of the three major energy bodies: Physical, Mental/ Emotional and Spiritual for release, deep healing and to restore mind/ body balance.