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In Lak'Ech's Seven Interconnected Areas of Emphasis


Before becoming an agent of change in the world, it's important to understand what our true essence is and  what our relationship to our planet and it's inhabitants are.  In Lak'Ech offers classes and sessions to help us gain further understanding at an intellectual, physical and energetic level.

  • Mindfulness sessions: all ages
  • Yoga classes: hatha, kauit
  • Reiki
  • Shamanic healing

Integrative Wellness

It is well documented how the pharmaceutical industry's main motivation is monetary profit and that their products address the symptoms of our illnesses and disease rather than the  causes.  Keeping us sick and alive is what is most profitable for this industry.  In Lak'Ech's focus is on prevention of disease and integrative treatments.  In Lak'Ech's  goal isn't monetary profit; our objective is  is a healthy society. 

Integrative Nutrition

We've all heard the phrase "we are what we eat".  Therefore, if we consume disease, we are disease.  Factory industrialized production of our food, although profitable for the corporations,  is detrimental to our bodies, minds and souls.  The disconnect from what we consume also has adverse consequences for our fellow humans and our planet.  In Lak'Ech helps educate us on how our food consumption affects our body, our community and our environment.

Social Justice-Activism-New Paradigm

In today's society, it is evident that there is a lack of equitable treatment for some of our cohabitants.  Many of us are either unaware of these inequities or feel helpless with regards to the solutions of these challenges.  In Lak'Ech aims to bring awareness to these issues, discuss possible solutions and find innovative and sustainable solutions.

The Environment-Clean Energy

Man made climate change is real, and what kind of energy we use is just one of the many elements that has an effect on our planet.  In Lak'Ech aims to shed light on the many ways we can live our lives in harmony with our planet by teaching us how to use our energetic resources in a sustainable and clean manner.  

Distribution of Resources-Poverty

Poverty has been haunting us for as long as we can remember.  There are enough resources for everyone on this planet, however the distribution of them has become our biggest challenge.  While in some parts of the world we have a surplus of resources and they are essentially wasted, in other parts of the world people don't even have access to clean water.  In Lak'Ech's goal is to teach us how we can find ways to share our resources with those in need.


The language of art, culture and music is the glue that unites us as human beings.  Not only can we convey messages and sentiments to our communities through art, culture and music, they can also cause social change and have an energetic effect on our physical bodies.   In Lak'Ech connects us  by  promoting the work of like minded artists and sound healers.

Holistic Approach

Because the seven areas of emphasis are interconnected, we utilize a holistic approach to accomplish our objectives.

Ubuntu (Partners)


What is Ubuntu?

Ubuntu is a Nguni Bantu (zulu) term meaning "humanity". It is often translated as "I am because we are," and also "humanity towards others", but is often used in a more philosophical sense to mean "the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity" 

In Lak'Ech Ubuntu

 In Lak'Ech Ubuntu are like-minded people and organizations that service our community in a sustainable, compassionate and equitable manner.  Our Ubuntu are professional and passionate about improving our world in any of our seven areas of emphasis. 

Would you like to join the In Lak'Ech Ubuntu?

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