Kimberly Giuffre


Kimberly Giuffre is a Reiki Master Practitioner, Licensed Massage Therapist, and Licensed Hypnotherapist, as of October 1 2015. In collaboration with a Westchester based Phycologist, her practice will operate out of Mamaroneck and she will be leading a Transcendental Meditation Group. 

In a safe, secure environment, Kimberly works with different Modalities. Spiritual Growth and transformation are nurtured and created through Kim’s work with her clients.

Having Graduated from The Connecticut School for Massage Therapy, Kimberly has also trained extensively with a Spiritual Guide, Phycologist, and Shaman for the past 12 years. Studying Hypnotherapy under a world renowned Boston based Hypnotherapist. Kim is currently working on her book about overcoming struggle and fear based perceptions.

 Kimberly’s passion and Soul Purpose is to transform fear based thinking into expanded perception and awareness. Helping people to create a life of purpose and authentic living is her strength and mission.