Events, Programs and Classes

In Lak'Ech Events Include

  • Mindfulness workshops and sessions for adults and children
  • Yoga classes for adults and children
  • Documentary screenings with discussion groups
  • Book clubs
  • Concerts  and shows with the purpose of spreading the core values of In Lak'ech that include: inclusivity, love, compassion, social justice, empathy and equity
  • Promotion of In Lak'ech partners/ubuntu in the the following areas:
    • Spirituality-Mindfulness-Yoga
    • Integrative Wellness
    • Integrative Nutrition
    • Social Justice-Activism-The New Paradigm
    • The Environment-Sustainable sources of energy
    • Distribution of Resources-Poverty
    • Art, Culture and Music

Past Events

Workshop at Manhattan Neighborhood Network: Mindfulness as a Tool for Social Justice


April thru June 2017

Akashic Records Workshop (Taller de registros akáshicos) with Graciela Cizin

May 14th-15th, 2016